No book can be written without the support of family, friends, and countless others. They were my foundation with never-ending encouragement, especially when I thought I would never be able to finish this project. Many of them eagerly spent their valuable time reading drafts – providing me the feedback I greatly needed. With their input, I was able to take this vision from my head, put it into words so you can ultimately picture that same vision.

First, I want to thank all of you – my readers, for holding this book in your hands. This was a long and exciting journey of patience, persistence, and passion. I hope you enjoy the journey in these pages.

Thank you to Troy Reynolds and Joe Darago – for following His call.

Adam A. Koch (The Almighty Webmaster): Thank you for your time and for putting up with me! I couldn’t have done it better.

Dan Swoboda: Thank you for designing a book cover that surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. I hope people will judge this book by your cover and discover my words live up to it.

Many additional and very humble expressions of appreciation go to: Deb Lebakken, Jeanne Dwight, John Jordan, Jessie Stainslav, Neil Halford, Kasey Ferris, & Sue Leatherman. Thank you for guiding my pen in the ‘write’ direction when I was completely lost.

A never-ending thank you goes to Janet Lundquist – I can’t imagine how this story would have turned out – had you not challenged me to dig deeper into each character and each chapter.

Thank you to my close friends for your immeasurable support: ML, D(HT)T III, J(BB)K, E(D)D, J(AB)A, K(H)O, A(AW)K (again), BH (x 2), JB, NW, NT, JG, RS, J(M)S (again), AD (x 2), R(MJ)J,  KF (again), J(H)C, AG, A(S)H,  CA, E(H)Z, HW, JH, CK (x 2), KB, & DL (again). If I forgot anyone (I’m sorry), let me know and I’ll use your name in my next book!

Thank you to my extended family for the endless encouragement.

Thank you Mom, Pop, & Angie – my gratitude, if I could ever put it into words, would exceed the length of this book.

And finally, to my Creator, my God – thank you for providing me the right words when I was at a loss for them. I am only the author of this book; You are the author of my life.

~ Chad J. Bring