Left Standing by Chad Bring Available Now!!!

"On the journey to discover ourselves and find happiness - we are left standing amidst change."

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About Chad J. Bring

Chad is a 38 year-old native of Lincoln, Nebraska. Growing up, being a police officer was on Chad's mind. Having not done well in school with writing or grammar, the idea of ever writing a book would have seemed as made up as any fictional story.

Chad attended Wayne State College from 1996 - 2000 and received his bachelor's degree in communications with emphasis in public relations. After graduating in May of 2000, Chad moved to Omaha, Nebraska where he currently resides.

In addition to writing Left Standing, Chad co-wrote a screen-play with a former roommate from college entitled, "Halfway Point", which is currently on a film festival tour. The film is produced by their company, RoomMate Productions. They have produced additional films including: "Laundromat", "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs", & "Silence" (adapted from the first chapter of Left Standing).

Chad enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, playing piano, learning guitar, spending time with family & friends, & watching/making movies.

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Following Left Standing will be Left Unsaid & Red Light: The story of Shawn Spencer.

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